Champagne / Krzysztof Musielak – Head of Bartenders

There is no better time during a year to celebrate than New Year’s Eve. Either we celebrate a successful year passing by or we are glad that our tough year has already gone – raising our glasses to the new year and the new start.

For me New Year’s Eve is a special day when all you can hear are corks popping out of the bottles of any sparkling wines that you can find. Although there is only one and special wine for this evening, which is obviously the Champagne. The king of any celebrations, house parties, great balls and royal courts. Legendary wine which became a symbol of luxury and wealthness. Prices oscillate from 100 PLN to 2 million dollars for a bottle of champagne called Taste of Diamonds, with a handcrafted golden logo, diamond and Swarovski crystals on the bottle. Is this 2 million dollars champagne a best champagne that you can buy – I’m pretty sure it is not, but this what champagne is all about. To feel special while drinking it.

As we have still some time before the New Year’s I will tell you about cocktails made with champagne. “WHAT?! Cocktails using champagne? This guy is crazy, how can you mix it with some stuff, when it’s so expensive?!”. I will tell you why, you can do it and enjoy the marvellous taste of cocktails.

The bubbles, acidity and dryness. Those are three things which makes champagne special and why we love it. Champagne can give us the great balance for our cocktails and make them special. We will give you some recipes which you can repeat at home during your NY parties. If the names: Mimosa, Kir Royale, French 75’ don’t ring the bell, this is article for you 😉

Here are the New Year’s recipes for you to make at home:

  • Mimosa – created in 1925 in Hotel Ritz, Paris, named after the flower Acacia Dealbata, simple mix of freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne half and half in a champagne glass, really easy;
  • Kir Royale – mix of Creme de Cassis which is a French blackcurrant liquor originally made in Dijon. Originated in Cafe George and named after Canon Felix Kir the Mayor of Dijon who promoted the mixture;
  • French 75’ – composition of dry gin, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. Named the drink in 1926. The inspiration for the title was apparently a 75 mm Howitzer field gun used by the French and the Americans in World War 1.  This cocktail will hit you like this weapon, fast and accurate.

If after reading this, you’re still not concerned to try the champagne cocktail, enjoy the champagne by itself because it is freaking delicious.

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