Beef – Origin / Breeds of Cows – Igor Arent-Rabiej – Sous Chef

Contrary to popular superstition, beef country of origin is not at all crucial. Argentine beef in a hypermarket does not guarantee quality. The key is how the cow was bred, what she was fed and whes she was slaughtered (the best meat is from young cows/bucks between the ages of 18 and 30 months). Important is the breed – dairy cows and breeding cows are not suitable for steaks, the dominant meat breeds are Black Angus, Red Angus, Charolaise, Hereford, Limousine, Simentaler and their cross-breeds. I recommend choosing meat from rural , not polluted regions, from countries that have a long tradition of high quality beef breeding, such as France, Germany, Great Britain, Argentina, USA, Japan, Australia, Uruguay – that is why at a good butcher you should not be satisfied with the information – “we have great Argentine beef”, minimum information is the breed of cows, and a good butcher should even give information about the breeder name or ripening ( and I will soon tell about this in the next article). The price of steaks in Poland is still high, so let’s celebrate those special evenings when we prepare them – learn more about the meat and its origin, and this will allow you to attain a real palate of a carnivore, who knows what’s good.


Many myths and superstitions concern famous Wagyu beef. Massaged cows, watered with the best Belgian beer with their own personal trainer and life coach are just some of the myths that supposedly define Wagyu, but in reality it is only a collective name for beef with a measurable marbling class (fat tissue creates a characteristic muscle pattern similar to that of marble – hence the name). The higher class, the meat is more saturated with intramuscular fat – remember that this is not the same as fat excess, and Wagyu is even characterized by a small amount of subcutaneous or peritoneal fat. This effect is achieved not only by the breed of cows, but above all by keeping them properly. The addition of beer to feed is indeed used, but it does not affect the taste of the meat, it only strengthens the appetite of cows. As for massages…. They are actually used by some breeders (and not only Wagyu breeders), but this is due to the fact that cows are tethered all their lives and suffer from stress and muscle cramps. Daily massage encourages cows to be more active and eat. Wagyu can be from any country, there is even Polish Wagyu. The most expensive and exclusive is Japanese Kobe Wagyu, but remember that you can buy beef from Kobe, which is not Wagyu. Many Wagyu lovers do not realize that apart from its indisputable taste, it also has a high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, so it is an excellent ingredient in a lowcholesterol diet.

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