Discover the aromatic footprint of spices.

We love to surprise and experiment with new flavors!
Our Head of Bar Michał Walentynowicz has created something special for you ..

👉 VOC Sour, our festival cocktail as part of the Spices. Miksologia Wrocław festival!

A wonderful combination of cardamom vodka, coriander syrup, lime juice, as well as ginger and anise espuma will take you to the beginning of the 17th century, when the Dutch East India Company was the first to import all spices previously unavailable in Europe. Thanks to them we owe the popularity and presence of ingredients present in the cocktail.

SPECIAL price of the cocktail – 16 PLN.
The offer valid until October, 31st.
We will be grateful for your votes.
A survey available here: http://bit.ly/spices-glosowanie.

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