Tapas&Wine – Kalifornia

Yet another edition of Tapas & Wine is ahead of us!

While it is getting grey and gloomy outside, let us take you for a trip to a sunny California. Soon there will be another Tapas & Wine event – a great opportunity to enjoy the exciting flavors of California. Just this one time, our chefs – Piotr Apanel and Igor Arent-Rabiej – will develop unique dishes inspired by this extraordinary and yet, in Poland, still relatively understated cuisine . Their creations will be complemented with the best California wines, carefully selected by our sommelier.
Enjoy California in the heart of Wrocław!

✔ coriander lime leaves and avocado soup / burrata / lardo / citrus /
✔ lovage and corn bread / garlic almond ice cream / lobster cream / veal tartare
✔ clams and mussels omelette / rye bread granola / homemade ricotta / guacamole oil
✔ adobada taco / reduced cream / achiote oil / Aviation Blush Sour Sabayon
✔ doughnut apple pie / bergamot Anglaise / buttermilk snow

DATE | 14.12.2017
START | 19:00
RESERVATIONS | +48 71 777 00 73
EMAIL | ovo.restaurant@hilton.com

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