White Lady

A combination of Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and egg white made famous by Harry Craddock, at the American Bar, Hotel Savoy, London.26 pln

Seelbach Cocktail

Bourbon, Cointreau, Peychaud bitters & Champagne, created at the Sellbach Hilton, Louisville, Kentucky.35 pln

Singapore Sling

Gin, Benedictine, Cointreau, cherry liqueur, fresh lime, pineapple, grenadine & bitters, in its original form as created in 1915 at the Raf�les Hotel, Singapore.32 pln


Cognac, Cointreau & fresh lemon juice shaken together ever since it was created at Harry’s New York, Paris c.1920.35 pln


White peach puree and Prosecco, as �irst served at Harry’s Bar, Venice in the 1940’s.25 pln

Old Fashioned

The Pendennis Club, Louisville, Kentucky has been serving this concoction since the 1880’s, Bourbon,sugar & bitters is ironically currently in fashion!25 pln


Gin, vodka and dry vermouth, shaken, and served with a slice of lemon peel. From the legendary �ictional Casino Royale from the mind of Ian Fleming.33 pln

(Polski) Mai Tai

Wymyślone przez Victora Bergerona w restauracji Trader’s Vic w Oakland, w Kalifornii w 1940 roku. Składa się z rumu, francuskiego syropu migdałowego, świeżej limonki, likieru pomarańczowego oraz cukru. Created by Victor Bergeron at his restaurant Trader Vic’s in Oakland, California in the 1940, it combines rum, french almond syrup, fresh lime, orange curaçao and rock candy.28 pln


Gin, Campari & Sweet Vermouth combined the way Count Camillo Negroni requested it from Casoni’s, Florence, Italy.25 pln

Bloody Mary

Created by Fernand Petiot at Harry’s New York Bar, Paris and taken with him to the Regis Hotel, NYC. The classic combination of vodka, tomato & spices.22 pln


Breakfast Martini

Gin, Cointreau, orange marmalade and fresh lemon created by the Maestro, Salvatore Calabrese at the Lanesborough Hotel, London.30 pln


Gin, fresh lemon, sugar and Creme de Mure, drizzled over cracked ice the way the legendary Dick Bradsell intended.28 pln


Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime and cranberry, made famous by Dale DeGroff at the Rainbow Room, NYC.25 pln

Russian Spring Punch

Vodka, fresh lemon, pureed raspberries, Chambord and Champagne,the brain-child of the late, great, Dick Bradsell.32 pln

Espresso Martini

Vodka, Kahlua, sugar and fresh espresso, shaken together for the ultimate pick-me-up.30 pln


Mezcal Fizz

By Sean Muldoon, Dead Rabbit NYC Mezcal, grenadine, fresh lime, watermelon juice, Bittermens Hell�ire Habanero Shrub and soda.30 pln

Oye Mi Canto

By Alex Kraterna at Artesian Bar London Tamarin infused Tequila Blanco, Martini Rosato, Mezcal, Bob’s Mandarin bitters, Jasmine Flowers.30 pln

The Wink

By Tony Conigliaro at 69 Colbrook Row Gin, Cointreau, sugar, Peychaud Bitters, orange oil and a dash of Absinthe.30 pln

Spirit of ’57

By Andy Pearson Vodka, Mandarin Liqueur, Peach Bitters, fresh lime & Goji juice.30 pln


The Ovo & Out

Havana Club 7 YO, Peach liqueur, Cognac, fresh lemon, sugar, bitters & nutmeg35 pln

Ovo Spritz

Tequila, Aperol, pink grapefruit, agave nectar, soda & Prosecco35 pln

Ovo Sling

Vodka, Cointreau, Benedictine, cherry liqueur, cherry bitters, pineapple puree, fresh lime & soda35 pln

Ovo Mule

Cinnamon infused vodka, Krupnik honey liqueur, lychee puree, fresh lime & ginger beer35 pln

Ovo Martini

Gin, Ovo Orange Vermouth, bitters and a Grand Marnier rinse35 pln


Sleepy ? Energizer /20 pln
Your Body needs vitamins?

Vitamin Bomber20 pln

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Temple of peace20 pln

Do you have to focus on something important?

Hollow Walker20 pln

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Shangri-la20 pln