Duck Liver Paté & Lard Mousse    36 PLN
Pickles / oxtail / dates mustard / blackcurrant butter

Beef Tartare    56 PLN
Pickles / beetroot and liquorice sauce / plums / potato layers / local cheese

Veal Schnitzel    43 PLN
Celery & egg sauce / Hamachi / fermented romaine lettuce

Buckwheat and Porridge Pancake    32 PLN
Pumpkin & saffron mousse / cream of roasted butter / hazelnuts

Mushroom and Jerusalem Artichoke Soup    39 PLN
Lemon & Oolong BBQ mushrooms / pickled walnuts


Black Bean Glazed Duck  ½-89 PLN  ¼-59 PLN
Spelt cucumber sauce / sweet & sour cabbage / potato purée

Loin of Deer    95 PLN
Sourdough and black garlic sauce / winter fruits Yuzu kosho / potato layers with cheese & wild rose

Mushroom, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli    54 PLN
Pecorino cheese / roasted butter / arugula

Fish of the Day    59 PLN
Macadamia tahini / fish gravy / potato puree / carmelized onion and lemon ragout / roe

Confit of Lamb Shoulder Glazed with Milk    69 PLN
Pine Tamari / kefir and cucumber sauce / deep fried sourdough oyster mushroom


OVO Beef Burger  58 PLN
Brioche bun / tomato jam /BBQ mayo / gem lettuce / French fries
Add bacon +8 PLN, Add Cheese +8 PLN

Club Sandwich     48 PLN
Chicken breast / crispy bacon / tomato / fried egg / gem lettuce / french fries

Caesar Salad with Parmesan and Anchovies    39 PLN
Parmesan cheese / roasted butter / arugula
Add grilled chicken breast +12 PLN, Add grilled prawns +15 PLN

Steak and Cheese Sandwich    49 PLN
Jalapeño / caramelized onion / brioche bun / gherkins / tabasco chicken wing sauce

Trout Pastrami Sandwich    48 PLN
Brioche bun / buckwheat mustard / pickled gherkins / local cheeps cheese / lemon habanero sauce

Fried Chicken Bucket    42 PLN
Vinegar salt / gherkins / gem lettuce / chili sauce / black garlic mayonnaise

Rainbow Bowl with Cured Salmon    45 PLN
Quinoa / granola / vegetables and fruits / coconut & orange blossom dressing


Enjoy the dishes from our Green Egg – ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker which is capable of acting as grill, oven, and smoker. It allows us to control the temperature of the dishes within a small range and can reach up to 400°C (750°F). Favorite toy of our chefs!

Seasoned Rib Eye Steak (300g)    145 PLN

New York Steak (200g)     92 PLN

Fillet Mignon (250g)    119 PLN

Chateaubriand (450g)    189 PLN

Tiger Prawns (6pc / 9pc)    65 / 88 PLN

Grilled Chicken Breast    42 PLN

Barbecue Grilled Beef Ribs    72 PLN


Young Potatoes with Lemon and Herb Butter    19 PLN

French Fries    19 PLN

Marinated Beetroot with Buttermilk and Rapeseed Oil     19 PLN

Grilled Vegetables    19 PLN

Roasted Cauliflower with Yeasted Honey    19 PLN


Green Peppercorn    7 PLN

Demi-Glace Sauce    7 PLN

Homemade BBQ Sauce    7 PLN

Chinese Soy & Chili    7 PLN


Triple Chocolate Brownie    39 PLN
Salted caramel / dry chocolate / roasted butter ice-cream

Frozen White Chocolate and Milk    35 PLN
Stout & black bean marinated apple / nuts granola

Almond Eggnog with Espresso Crumble    39 PLN
Chilli and chocolate crunch / milk and buckwheat cake


In case of any special dietary requirements and in addition to those mentioned on the menu please inform your waiter prior to making the order.