Today is a big day!

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne, Chardonnay sparkling wine from France. Very dry and extremely delicate at the same time; a piece of art amongst champagnes.195 pln / 1300 pln
Phillipponnat Clos De Goises, Chardonnay / Pinot Noir sparkling wine from France. It owes its uniqueness to the origin of the grapes from one specific area, considered the best in the whole of the Champagne region.240 pln / 1500 pln
Chablis DUFOULEUR PERE & FILS, Chardonnay white wine from France. Classic, highly valued wine from Burgundy; one of the official wines of the imperial court since the beginning of the 19th century.210 pln
21 Gables Chenin Blanc, Chenin Blanc white wine from RSA. The flagship wine of one of South Africa's oldest vineyards, well-built and rich in flavor.280 pln
Accordini Il Fornetto, Rondinella / Corvinone red wine from Italy. Rich, strongly structured wine, with an unusual character due to it's aging.850 pln
Trivento Golden Reserve, Malbec red wine from Argentina. A leading representative of Argentinean wines, medium body, very fruity and with a long finish.140 pln

Something easy going

Pulpo, Sauvignon Blanc white wine from New Zealand. New Zealand's Sauvignon Blanc is famous for it's extraordinary fruitiness and it's high drinkability30 pln / 135 pln
Spindler Lindenhof, Riesling white wine from Germany. Very elegant, mineral with well-balanced acidity and at the same time very fresh.24 pln / 110 pln
McGuigan The Pick, Chardonnay white wine from Australia. An uncomplicated Australian Chardonnay, intensely citrus and fruity.28 pln / 130 pln
Vinuva, Montepulciano red wine from Italy. A lightly spicy and fruity wine made near Rome, owes it's character thanks to the proximity to the Adriatic Sea.24 pln / 110 pln
Matua, Pinot Noir red wine from New Zealand. Extremely light, delicate wine, full of red fruits and with a very subtle finish.210 pln
Canyon Road, Merlot red wine from California. Straight from sunny California, very elegant wine with the sweetness of vanilla in the background.20 pln / 95 pln

For the sophisticated drinker

Tegernseerhof Smaragd, Gruener Veltliner white wine from Austria. Very intense, medium-bodied, mineral wine with high acidity typical of the region.280 pln
Saint Pierre, Viognier / Sauvignon Blanc white wine from France.The wines from the Rhône valley are famous for their extensive bouquet, full of tropical fruits and an extraordinary balance.150 pln
Wzgórza Trzebnickie Gewurztraminer, Gewurztraminer white wine from Poland. Polish wine, produced not far from Wrocław, fresh, floral and fruity, with a bit of a candy flavour.35 pln / 160 pln
Estampa Gran Reserva, Carmenere red wine from Chile. Medium-bodied, fruity, slightly peppery wine with a long, oak finish.190 pln
Chateau de la Cour SE, Bordeaux Blend red whine from France. Delicate at the beginning to become rich in red fruit, with a pleasant tanning finish.45 pln / 210 pln
Marchesi di Barolo, Nebbiolo red wine from Italy. Strongly structured, intense wine with a high level of tannins and aromas, extremely complex.400 pln

I enjoy the classics

Prospetti, Pinot Grigio white wine from Italy. Very drinkable and refreshing Pinot Grigio, aromatic, citrusy with a fruity finish.24 pln / 110 pl
Laderas de UNX, Garnacha Blanca white wine from Spain. Light and fresh young wine, lots of white fruit and menthol, perfect to cool you down.20 pln / 95 pln
Domaine Gordonne Les Gravieres rose wine from France. It starts innocently and later develops a bouquet full of fruit without being overwhelming.20 pln / 95 pln
Rotschild Vin de Pays, Pinot Noir red wine from France. Incredibly aromatic, but still lightly structured wine with an unusual balance.150 pln
La Torre, Primitivo red wine from Italy. Medium-bodied wine, quite delicate and easy to pick up, with a lot of dark fruit sweetness.24 pln / 110 pln
McGuigan The Pick, Shiraz red wine from Australia. A very intense, well-structured wine with a rich aroma of blackberries, blueberries and tobacco.28 pln / 130 pln

We love bubbles!

Le Vigne dell'Olmo Lambrusco, Lambrusco sparkling wine from Italy. Red, semi-sweet Italian sparkling wine, extremely light and pleasant to drink.20 pln / 95 pln
Galanti Prosecco, Glera sparkling wine from Italy. The most recognizable Italian sparkling wine, slightly dry, floral, easy going.26 pln / 125 pln
Mont Marcal Gran Cuvee, Macabeo / Xarel-lo sparkling wine from Spain. A very dry, fruity and refreshing Spanish sparkling wine produced using the champagne method.180 pln
Phillipponnat Blanc de Noir, Pinot Noir / Pinot Meunier sparkling wine from France. Champagne produced only from "dark" grapes, very complex bouquet, intense and elegant.115 pln / 650 pln
Pommery NV, Chardonnay / Pinot Noir / Pinot Meunier sparkling wine from France. Classic, dry champagne, very easy to pick up, both as an aperitif or with seafood.40 pln / 270 pln
Pommery NV Rose, Chardonnay / Pinot Noir / Pinot Meunier sparkling wine from France. Pink champagne, well-built, balanced, fruit in the foreground.50 pln / 350 pln

I'm looking for something special

Crudo Organic, Cattarato / Zibbibo white wine from Italy. Organic wine from Sicily, slightly dry and very delicate, lots of green and tropical fruit flavor.28 pln / 130 pln
Chateau Petit Vedrines, Chardonnay white wine from France. Sauternes - a very prestigious dessert wine, lots of caramelised fruit and nutty with preserved acidity for balance.40 pln / 360 pln
Pop Up Chardonnay, Chardonnay sparkling wine from USA. The unique production method and the place is unusual for sparkling wines, resulting in an extraordinary sparkling wine with a rich bouquet.180 pln
Le Naturel Sin Sulfitos, Garnacha Based Blend red wine from Spain. Biodynamic, vegan, sulfate-free wine, lots of freshness, lightness and strawberry aromas.125 pln
Gamla Sangiovese, Sangiovese red wine from Israel. Kosher wine, medium-bodied with a cherry-raspberry aroma, complemented by a delicate earthiness.45 pln / 210 pln
Jean Leon Vinya Palau, Merlot red wine from Spain. Organic, crisp and elegant wine with aromas of plums and licorice, good acidity and balanced tannins.240 pln

I like to think out of the box!

Turnau, Chardonnay white wine from Poland. Ice wine, which owes its sweetness to the late harvest of grapes, considered one of the best Polish wines.475 pln
Noita Orange Riesling, Riesling white wine from Finland. Orange natural wine from Finland, surprising with its originality and popcorn aroma.300 pln
Natureo Muscat, Muscat white wine from Spain. A wine that has been completely de-alcoholed at the final stage of production, delicate, slightly dry, easy to pick up.20 pln / 95 pln
Le Naturel Sin Sulfitos, Garnacha Based Blend red wine from Spain. Biodynamic, vegan, sulfate-free wine, lots of freshness, lightness and strawberry aromas.125 pln
Miuda, Graciana red wine from USA. A natural wine from Oregon, surprising with the richness of flavors and balance, strongly built and slightly tannic.250 pln
Ksara Reserve, Bordeaux Blend red wine from Lebanon. Classic Bordeaux blend made by one of the oldest Lebanese vineyards, complex and intense.140 pln
Macon Rouge, Gamay red wine from France. Super light early harvest wine, very mineral, slightly spicy, very sophisticated.32 pln / 135 pln

Suprise me!

G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut NV Fine Wine NN sparkling wine from France40 pln / 299 pln
Jaworek Slinger white wine from Poland31 pln / 145 pln
Barbera d’Alba red wine from Italy40 pln / 180 pln
Estampa Fina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc white wine from Chile20 pln / 95 pln

Maybe something stronger?

Tio Pepe, Sherry white wine from Spain. A crisp and extremely dry wine, with a nut-almond aroma, perfectly suited to salty snacks.20 pln / 75 ml
Lustau Amontillado, Sherry white wine from Spain. A fortified semi-dry wine with a rich nutty flavor, light and balanced with a long finish.20 pln / 75 ml
Lustau Pedro Ximenez, Sherry white wine from Spain. Long-aged, sweet wine with intense aromas of figs, raisins and dates.40pln / 75 ml
W.J. Graham's 10yo Tawny, Port port wine from Portugal. Aged for at least 10 years, very delicate with a distinctive flavor of nuts, strawberries and cherries.35 pln / 75 ml
Taylor's Chip, Porto, Port port wine from Portugal. A very dry wine with extremely fresh and intense aromas and high fruitiness.30 pln / 75 ml