Champagne / Krzysztof Musielak – Head of Bartenders

There is no better time during a year to celebrate than New Year’s Eve. Either we celebrate a successful year passing by or we are glad that our tough year has already gone – raising our glasses to the new year and the new start. For me New Year’s Eve is a special day when...
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Preparation technique / beef – Igor Arent-Rabiej – Sous Chef

Beef is a meat obtained from cattle the age of which exceeds a period of at least six months. It is one of the most vital ingredients used in both: European and American types of cuisine and its five largest producers are as follows: The United States, Brazil, the European Union, China and India. The...
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DIY – Orange Bitters / Krzysztof Musielak – Head of Bartenders

Today I will present you with a homemade way to make Orange Bitters (in my previous article you will find an explanation about Bitters: https://bit.ly/2Ar7l3J). Here is the recipe according to which we prepare this unique element of many cocktails: three oranges without peel, cut into strips ¼ cup chopped dried orange peel 4 carnations...
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Cutting / seasoning / beef – Igor Arent-Rabiej – Sous Chef

Cuts – not all parts of the cow are suitable for steaks. For great steak the muscle fibres must be thin desirable with fat  overgrowths (fat is the main carrier of flavour). The most common steak cuts are from muscle – the loin, striploin, tenderloin and their combinations in case of bone-in steaks. Cuts such...
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What are those little bottles used by bartenders? – Krzysztof Musielak – Head of Bartenders

What are those little bottles used by bartenders? What is this magical thing closed in those little bottles? How it can be important if they use it so little? In this short article we will answer your question and tell you a story about them. Bitters – its the name of those mysterious liquids hidden...
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Beef – Origin / Breeds of Cows – Igor Arent-Rabiej – Sous Chef

Contrary to popular superstition, beef country of origin is not at all crucial. Argentine beef in a hypermarket does not guarantee quality. The key is how the cow was bred, what she was fed and whes she was slaughtered (the best meat is from young cows/bucks between the ages of 18 and 30 months). Important...
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